• Maida is made from the fine grinding of the¬†endosperm of the wheat. The bran is separated from the germ and endosperm which is then refined by passing through a set of sieve in plan shifter.¬† Naturally yellowish due to carotenoid pigments present in wheat.
  • Our Maida is fortified with vitamin, iron and folic acid.
  • We produce Maida for bakery products, noodles, biscuit, cake, momos, samosa by blending different type of wheat as per market demand..
  • We are having mill for the production of Maida of 150 mts and having pack size of 20kg and 50 kg of
    1. Maida,
    2. Noodles Maida,
    3. Bakery Maida,
    4. Biscuit Maida.